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How to Get Your Hair Shiny And Silky Naturally

Shiny hair, a thin body shape. so, we must want to know how to get shinier hair by natural ways. Here are some tips to get shiny hair.

Lemon and Yogurt:
Mix juice of a lemon and yogurt, and make a paste. Use this mix paste for hair & let it be for one hour. Wash Hair with shampoo & cool water. Sure colorful way to create your hair feel shiny & silky.

how to make hair shiny

Henna applies in hair, and wait an hour. Henna creates hair stronger, it also acts as a natural color.

Green Tea Rinse:
Applying Green Tea as a mask for shiny hair, just be sure it’s at room with-out sugar and temperature. It is antioxidant quality acts wonderment on your hair too.

Nut Oil:
Nut Oil is rich in Vitamin E. Regular apply of nut oil in your hair, it will supply the essential nutrients to your hair and improve blood circulation. so it leads in copious shiny hair.

Eat Vegetables to Shiny Hair:
Vegetables have the highest fiber. you’ll continue way, and your hair is unquestionably going to turn shiny and silky.

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Follow a routine for shiny hair:
Every week-end Massage your hair with Oil.
Give shampoo to your hair at least double a week.
Condition your hair systematically.
Don’t tie your hair, after applying shampoo. because It can lead to hair breakage and hair fall.